Hi there, I'm

Lauren Knox

I am a professional creative based in Sudbury, ON.


About Me

I am a digital project manager offering growth to entrepreneurs by utilizing modern techniques.

Throughout my studies, I have had the opportunity to learn from industry professionals about topics ranging from business basics and marketing strategies all the way to designing graphics and creating podcasts. Now, as a digital project manager, I specialize in content creation, social media management and client relations. I am always keen to learn and do my best, which has always been reflected in feedback from professors, mentors, and clients.

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What I Offer

Below you will find some of the services that I specialize in.


Social Media

I help businesses to reach their potential on their social platforms by using consistent engagement and branding strategies.


Content Creation

By using modern and creative design principles and techniques, I help to bring my client's vision to reality while adhering to their brand values.



When writing copy, I focus on the tone of the client's brand, while ensuring that I am providing the audience with what they want.

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